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User Group meeting 2016 - The UK

  • St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge Cowley Road Cambridge, England, CB4 United Kingdom (map)

Presentation on Industry 4.0 and INCASE

  • SC gives a presentation on Industry 4.0.

  • PI UK: Some companies already have piece specific manufacturing.

  • CW: is this vendor driving (pushed) or customer driven (pulled)? Answer: both, it is a way for competing in the 2 Seas region with other countries. Additional, it is pushed by the government. Main companies: Bosch, Siemens, Phoenix

  • PI UK: Industry 4.0 will help for increasing efficiency of the industry. Large problem: cyber security

  • PI UK: Can standardisation (of f.i. semantics, data structures) be a part of the project? Answer: this is possible. The impression is that mainly in Germany companies are cooperating.

  • PI UK: One of the problems is that banks in UK look for a ROI within 2 years.